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Melbourne to Namibia Challenge 2019

Join the 11,000 km cycling challenge with Bicycles for Humanity

Ride at least 110 kilometers in March – anytime, anywhere – for a chance to win a brand-new bicycle or an Intrepid Cycling Trip to Vietnam. The best part? You’ll help get recycled bicycles to communities in Namibia.

Why do it?

Melbourne-based Bicycles for Humanity (B4H) collects fixable and forgotten bicycles, packs them into shipping containers, and brings them to communities in Namibia. There, the containers are converted into bicycle workshops, providing training, employment and economic development for the local community. Bicycles do more than just shorten commutes: they empower local mechanics, make medical care accessible, bring people together, and so much more.

To bring even more life-changing bicycles to communities in Namibia, B4H is hosting the month-long Melbourne to Namibia Challenge. Together, we’re going to ride 11,000 km – the distance of the shipping containers’ journey – in March.

Join our team to help us reach a wheely big goal. No lycra required.  

How to join the journey

It’s simple.

  1. Set a target. While we don’t expect you to ride 11,000 km, why not try? Pick a distance of 110km or more, depending on how confident you are on wheels.
  2. Make a fundraising page on the Melbourne to Namibia Challenge 2019 – Intrepid Foundation website by selecting Start a fundraiser on the right side of the page. With your sign-up, you’ll need to donate $25 or more to Bicycles for Humanity to get started. It’s a good incentive to reach your goal, isn’t it?
  3. Spread the word. Use your page to show your friends about your fitness goals, or get them to join you. Intrepid Travel will match every donation made to your fundraiser, so you can double your impact.
  4. Get pedalling. You can join our B4H Melbourne Strava Club Event or track the distance on your own. Either way, cycle towards your goal until 31st of March 2019 to win one of two awesome prizes.

Terms and Conditions

Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne Volunteer Packing Day – February 2019

The donor bikes are amassing, so we are calling on all our volunteers to come to help at our next packing day.

When: Sunday, 24th of February from 9:30am

Where: 359 Lower Dandenong Road, Dingley

For more information on joining in the packaging day please email us at

Volunteers – for any advice or directions please contact Pete or Phil directly

Volunteer Thank You

“Nothing Happens without the parking attendant, folks!”

– our 10 year journey and a thank you message from Andy Gild, B4H Melbourne President

It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years already. In some ways I feel as though we are only just getting started and there is still so much to do.

“Nothing Happens without the parking attendant!” This is a line one ofour volunteers used in our very first packing day video in 2008! To me it sums up the importance of each and every person who has been involved along the way.

I would like to thank each and every one of our volunteers because without you, none of what we have achieved would have been possible.

How did our 100% volunteer run, grass roots charity come to be?Back in 2008, when I hit my 40’s, I had extra capacity, working part timeas a physio and with my kids at school full time. I began searching for a way to give back. When I came across the work of B4H, a global movement originating in Canada. With my love of cycling and having emigrated from South Africa, I was immediately drawn to the notion of empowering others through recycling old bicycles which would otherwise go to landfill.

The planets were definitely aligned, as exactly at this point in time, Matt McCullough was re-connecting with fellow bicycle enthusiast and good friend, Michael Linke (who heads up our partner organisation BEN Namibia), and taking the first steps to form the first Australian B4H chapter here in Melbourne. Matt and I met over a coffee in St Kilda and his incredible positivity meant that from the moment he envisioned the collection of 100s of bicycles and sending them to Namibia – nothing was going to get in our way. This ever-present optimism with which Matt approached each obstacle we faced, ensured not a hint of doubt would disrupt the sometimes daunting task of finding a home for hundreds of bicycles on the other side of the world.

November 2018 saw Bicycles for Humanity (B4H), Melbourne celebrate our 10th Anniversary and our 21st shipping container of recycled bicycles– totalling 10,000 bicycles over the decade. An important milestone to mark and an opportunity to thank the many people involved in our growing B4H family – working together to improve communities in need.

The beginnings weren’t easy, with many challenges and more questionsthan answers, but that didn’t stop us having fun!

So where did we begin?
Our initial challenge was to find a space to store a 40’ shippingcontainer. We were relatively nomadic for the first few years, and our volunteers enjoyed the hospitality of a variety of locations to prep and pack bicycles.

As luck would have it, and through the generosity of Ben Bud, 2011 had us settling into a wonderful semi-permanent home at Parkvue Secure Self-storage in Dingley. This site has been transformed with the help of a dedicated team of volunteers and fabulous grants from our friends at Citywide and a Stronger Communities, as well as through the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. This has meant we now have a roof over our heads, solar power, and basic needs met with a water tank and an all important portaloo.

Our initial financial hurdle was overcome thanks to the incredible generosity and support of Hugo Davidson from Knog, who donated the first funds to enable us to buy and ship our first container of bicycles to Namibia. Knog has remained a most valued and appreciated supporter.

So, now we had a container and somewhere to place it, next we needed bicycles! Putting our initial call out for bicycles was a little scary as we had no idea whether we would get 1 bicycle or 100. The initial support from the community was very exciting and this has only grown as we have.

Thankfully, our bicycle collection processes are much more streamlined now thanks to wonderful committee members Peter Shanley and Phil Van Staveren – who not only ensure the orderly running of Dingley, but travel around Melbourne collecting bicycles from our longstanding partners at Bicycle Superstores. Our immense thanks go to Sally Randall, Brett Truscott and all the staff at the various stores for your support – from the early days, right up to today.

This year has also seen the establishment of a Bayside collection team, made up of Monika Alston, John Turner and Michael Finestone and withcontinued support from the fabulous people from Dingley Men’s Shed, Glen Iris Uniting Church as well as the broader Victorian communities of Sunbury, Ocean Grove, Queenscliff and our very own fabulous

treasurer, Dean Kennedy, and his family in Gisbourne – the bicycles keep rolling in!

We are also grateful to David Jablonka and his team at Second Chance Cycles for recycling bicycles which are not suited to African roads, restoring these for re-sale with all funds going towards shipping our containers, which remains our largest expense.

Once the containers are packed, they seemingly make their own way to the docks. Well perhaps they get a little help from our amazing Phil who takes care of all the tricky logistics. As well as our newest partner in L Arthur transport Services, who have recently come on board to assist with transporting our containers from supply to Dingley and then to port. Our thanks goes to Kerryn Clark, Connie Corso and their team.

It didn’t take long for our B4H family to start growing

with Ylva Carosone and Anna Jeffries becoming vital cogs in our B4H wheels, joining our little committee with so much enthusiasm! Wordscan’t really express the gratitude I feel to you two beautiful women – for all your love and support, you will always remain a hugely important part of our B4H family.

Founded and never Forgotten

The strong foundation of B4H Melbourne was built in a big part on Matt’spositivity, his inclusiveness and beautiful warm nature. As many of you know, Matt very tragically and suddenly passed away last year.

You may believe, as I do, that we are all here for a purpose. Perhapsone of Matt’s reasons for being with us was to open his huge heart andgive us the opportunity to become part of a wonderful family and contribute positively in our various ways, to empower individuals and communities across the globe.

Thanks to the generosity of those who loved and respected Matt – funds raised at his memorial were donated on his behalf to B4H Melbourne and our wonderful friends at Good Cycles. Together with Jaison Hoernal and his team, we have started working towards an ongoing endowment fund with the hope of sending selected people to engage with our beneficiary communities – whether it be to assist with mechanical training, or possibly to capture stories from those communities through multimedia which was one of Matt’s passions.

We are so grateful that we were able to honour Matt’s contribution to thelife of B4H Melbourne and the many communities he impacted. We miss Matt dearly and as we continue to work towards a legacy he would be proud of, I often hear his guiding words when we are faced with difficult decisions.

Over the years, Matt, Ylva and myself, as well as a few of our volunteers– Anne Chan, Tim Mulligan, Dave Sayers and most recently Marty Van Hoorn – have made our way to Africa, visiting the communities are supporting. This has been extremely useful to develop closer working relationships and to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced.

Every Donation Has Purpose

As with all small charities one of our biggest challenges remains fundraising. Besides our annual fundraising event, much of our funds have come from everyday people taking part in cycling or running events, some conquering extraordinary challenges such as cycling from Melbourne to Cairns, escaping from Alcatraz, riding 1000km through the Alps between Canberra and Melbourne, donating in lieu of gifts for celebrations, and even through small community events. We would like to say a huge thank you to all these amazing people.

We are also proud to have achieved Deductible Gift Recipient status in the overseas aid category which was no mean feat. Special thanks must go to Anton Herman and his team from Minter Ellison for their pro-bono legal support in achieving this.

One of the most important developments this year has seen our increased support in Namibia through our major in-country partner, Michael Linke and BEN Namibia. Through the establishment of the Bicycle Enterprise Support & Training program (BEST), we are striving to ensure greater sustainability of the bicycle workshops in Namibia.

This work has been made possible through the fabulous support of the
Intrepid Group and Intrepid Foundation who have included B4H as one of the charities they support. We would also like to thank the Intrepid Group for their very generous support in donating our major prize in our Melbourne to Namibia challenge over the past 3 years.
We are very fortunate to have the continued support of Michael and Susanne Silver who have allowed us to have many a meeting and some fabulous events at Melbourne’s Magnet Galleries.

I would like to take this opportunity to give special thanks

To my family – my husband, Shane and our kids, Ashlea and Dean, as well as my wider family members – thank you for your love and patience over the years, and for enabling me the time to devote to this wonderful B4H family – always sharing an ear and guiding me along the way.

To the next 10

B4H Melbourne has travelled far in 10 years and with a solid leadership team in Mary-Jane Willis, Amanda James, Dean Kennedy, Gary Chan, Peter Shanley, Phil Van Staveren, Uri Gordon and Greg Dodd, we are well placed to take on our new challenges.

Behind the scenes is support from our growing number of fabulous volunteers. Huge thanks to Kevin Wong, Anne Chan, Steph Chan, Bill Martin, Deb Houghton, Ira Felinski, Vidhi Bharti, Julie Doyle, Jules Mallia, Edwina Lu, Entsar Farag, Benazir Suraiya, Rosalind Harrison, Jocelyn Hutton and our newest volunteers Yifan Feng, Chris Whitaker and Enrico Armenia – who have all given of their time, skills and energy to help in so many ways.

We are all very excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, and the impact we, and future volunteers can ALL continue to make to communities both locally and overseas.

Andy Gild, President B4H Melbourne

Beyond Ourselves

“From little things to big things”

We recently celebrated our 10th Anniversary, and took a moment to reminisce on our achievements to date. Like in life, each action we take moves us forward, opening new doors and opportunities to provide meaningful change in people’s lives. 

While our work primarily takes us to the developing world and to communities in Africa, it is the influence we have locally which drives initiatives and inspires volunteers to become involved. As such, our own Bicycles for Humanity President Andy Gild, went back to school to inspire future generations in a “Beyond Ourselves” Conference. 

With her passion for humanitarianism, Andy took the opportunity to share the Bicycles for Humanity story in a workshop with an eager class of year 6 students at Mount Scopus College. Together they explored issues relating to Global Development Goals and the contributions made by others that inspire action, both in their immediate environment and beyond – now and in the future. The crafty kids then took to paper creating posters representing B4H and the work we do, with the theme encouraging one avid cyclist to reach out via email for his own research assignment – 

 “Hi I’m Michael and I’m in year 6, you came to Mount Scopus and had a workshop, Bicycles for Humanity, which I attended. We have to create a project based around Beyond Ourselves, I chose bicycles for humanity because I love riding and it was really inspiring. 

I was just wondering if you could help me by answering some questions.”

In helping Michael with his research, he went on to share some snaps from his own cycling endeavours, having completed a 100k ride with the Bicycle Networks, Great Victorian Bike Ride. Congratulations – what an awesome achievement!

From youth in Australia, to youth in Africa, the bicycle is such a special part of growing up. With more requests for bicycles and more and more bicycles being donated, 10 years now see bicycles beyond necessity – with bicycles providing employment opportunities, more time with family, and further enriching communities and social culture. But more on that another time… 

If you are looking to inspire your students to start 2019 off being more charitable, we would love to hear from you and perhaps share our story in your own school programs. Better yet, we are always looking to welcome helping hands on our bicycle packing days. Please email for more information. 

Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne joins ImpactPay as Charitable Cause

We’re excited to announce we have partnered with ImpactPay to bring our valued supporters a first-of-its-kind debit card that lets you Tap & Give to the causes you’re passionate about.

As one of the founding charities on the platform, we can offer you this unique, transparent and effortless way to connect with, and support Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne.

With ImpactPay, forget being hassled in the street or interrupted during meal times. Giving is in your control and on your smartphone.

Getting onboard couldn’t be easier – ImpactPay issues a Mastercard® prepaid debit card that links to any existing bank account.

Select our cause via the app, set the amount you want to give per tap, load your card with your everyday spending money and away you go. You’re ready to make an impact with every transaction.

The ImpactPay app features a digital wallet that lets you track your donations toward our project in real-time. It’s transparency to the max!

Our first project on the ImpactPay mobile platform is to raise $1,000 to Fund a Bike Ambulance: (only on mobile)

As a launch promotion, ImpactPay is gifting new members a $5 donation toward our project once their ImpactPay card is activated (see T&Cs on the ImpactPay website).

ImpactPay is currently available on both Android and iOS for smartphones.

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Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne has been submitted as a nominated charity for ImpactPay to be listed as a supported cause in order to receive donations by users.

ImpactPay is changing the way we give
By combining the power of micro-donations with a prepaid debit card and smartphone app, it’s now possible to change the world, every day.

ImpactPay is launching soon and we thought it was a good time to touch base and update you with some exciting things that have been happening here.

ImpactPay Charity nominations
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ImpactPay has a new website! 

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GPT Bicycle Donations Interview


In Australia, commuters truly are spoilt for choice, however bicycles are increasingly littering the streets and gathering dust and rust in bicycle holding facilities. Thankfully with a growing number of community run programs, unclaimed bicycles in residential, commercial and public storage units are finally being reclaimed and delivered to those in need.

We recently collected a donation of 8 bicycles from ASX listed property group, The GPT Group, a new contributor to our cause. Like others, they have enabled us to recycle abandoned and unclaimed bicycles which would otherwise be sent to landfill. A half yearly audit and lengthy notice period by GPT at their Melbourne Central Tower property, resulted in a donation which will change many lives for the better.

As a large corporation, GPT values health and wellbeing as reflected through a growing emphasis on premium end of trip facilities in their commercial buildings. Gone are the days where riding to work means you’re left sitting in your own sweat for the day, or smelling like a wet dog after a sudden Melbourne downpour. Businesses like GPT are paving the way, with employers and health-conscious job seekers embracing the added lifestyle benefits, with hot showers and fresh towels now part of the daily commute.

Our own Amanda James, a GPT property tenant, was invited to an International Women’s Day event in March 2018. It was here that she connected with Caleb Buster, cyclist and Customer Relations Manager at GPT. Amanda, inspired by the events strong message, resonated with our own works in Namibia where women are being empowered as bicycle mechanics. She reached out to thank GPT for the invite, and took an opportunity to share Bicycles for Humanity’s (B4H) initiatives in Africa and locally.

We caught up with Caleb to share GPT’s experience since joining the Bicycles for Humanity (B4H) family.

How did GPT discover B4H and what enticed you to become involved?

B4H’s Amanda James, a GPT tenant, reached out to us earlier this year and introduced us to the cause. Although we don’t have an overwhelming bicycle abandonment issue in our building, we value the importance of every bicycle. Within our Melbourne Central Tower building, we run an audit roughly every 6 to 12 months. A notice period of one month is given, followed by storage of unclaimed bicycles for two months. We had 8 bicycles which previously would have become hard rubbish, we’re glad we now have an opportunity where these can be collected and reused by those in need.

We were excited to discover you have a family link with Eastern Africa, could you share more about that?

Haha, yes that’s true. My wife grew up in Tanzania and can speak Swahili. A few years ago, we went back to visit some old family friends. I got to experience first-hand what it’s like getting around. In Australia, you have so many options, there you are limited by a mixture of old and new public transport. We travelled overnight for 12hrs on an old bus. In larger towns taxis, or mini vans, travelling with 20-40 people crammed in. Transport is an issue.

In Australia, it appears we’re spoilt for choice. Bicycle abandonment is noticeable in Melbourne, any thoughts on how commercial buildings can help streamline the process so bicycles don’t go to waste?

We try to make it easy, and reduce the barriers for commuters by providing end of trip facilities with change rooms, towels, toiletries and secure storage lockers. It helps give value to the whole experience and encourages health and well being. Luckily, we don’t have a large problem with unclaimed bicycles likely due to this, however bicycles do get forgotten. It’s great to know that we have somewhere to send them now.

As a supporter, what drives GPT to get involved with community projects and fundraising?

We’re eager to support where we can. At this stage, simply the capacity to donate bicycles which would otherwise go to landfill. At GPT, our community arm focuses on at risk youth in Australia. Weekly our lobby flowers are auctioned with funds donated to the salvos. Daffodil day is another regular we support. There may be an opportunity in future to offer a stand or stall to B4H and others to promote campaigns and engage tenants.

What words of encouragement do you have for other organisations considering supporting the B4H cause?

It’s a great cause, bicycles getting a second use where they would otherwise go to hard rubbish. Having the convenience of B4H collecting the bicycles on a set date makes it a simple smooth system. This was really valuable. It looks great as an initiative and has limited barriers.


Umoja ni nguvu, utengano ni udhaifu – Many hands make light work.

If you live or work in a building which offers a bicycle storage facility, we urge you to contact your property manager and encourage them to consider Bicycles for Humanity as part of their audit process. To arrange a collection, please email

Donate to B4H Melbourne Volunteer Andrew Brown’s 1,000km bike ride

We would like to highlight our fabulous Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne volunteer Andrew Brown’s 1,000km bike ride next month. Andrew has chosen to raise funds for  Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne.

With the help of the team at Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne, friends and family Andrew is hoping to raise $1 for every kilometre he rides during the 2018 Hunt 1000 event. This will give Andrew the opportunity to help out a worthy charity (which he also volunteers for) and will also add more meaning to an otherwise solo pursuit. This is the first time Andrew has attempted to fundraise and if all goes well he hopes to do more in the future.

Andrew appreciates any contribution that you make, big or small, and in return you can watch his progress via the event tracking page.

Andrew’s rider profile can be found here:

More info the Hunt 1000 bike event here:

And, the live tracking for the event can be accessed via this website:

View Andrew’s MyCause Fundraising page for the event where you can make a donation online:

Invitation to join our 2018 Annual General Meeting

Invitation to join our Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne – 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM).

In this meeting you can hear an overview of our year for 2018 and it is an opportunity for people to become more involved with Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne.

If you would like to know more details about the AGM please email us at

The Growth Project

Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne is proud to be participating in The Growth Project – a one-year leadership development program that brings together leaders of emerging charities with business leaders so that they can share and learn from their previous experience, grow individually and have maximum positive social impact.

Central to The Growth Project is the concept of collaboration and engaged giving where all involved share their time, knowledge and resources to help develop the future leaders of Australia’s non-profit sector. For more information on The Growth Project visit their website: