Melbourne, Australia

Our Supporters

Parkvue Storage

Parkvue Storage lend us vital space out in Dingley where we collect prep and pack all the bikes before they head to the developing world.  They are the best self storage facility in Melbourne and we could not do the work we do without them.

Sundowner RV

Sundowner RV are a huge supporter of Bicycles For Humanity. Helping us out with logistics and storage space. When you’re looking for caravans for sale Sundowner RV are the ones to visit.

Bicycle Superstore

Bicycle Super Store Have been with us from the beginning. They take bicycle donations dropped off in all their stores across Victoria. Bicycles Super Store also sells our Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne T-shirts in their online store and manages the delivery of these purchases to our supporters.

VACRO Second Chance Cycles

The Second Chance Cycles workshop takes donated bicycles that are unsuitable for African conditions and restores them for community use. They provide people with the opportunity to give back to the community, offer hands-on training and a workshop environment for people looking for work. They give people from marginalised backgrounds an opportunity to socialise in a supported setting. The sales from these bicycles helps send others to communities in need.


Knog have been a valued supporter from the very beginning, helping fund our very first shipment of bikes to Namibia and their support donating awesome bike gear continues.

Minter Ellison

Minter Ellison provide pro-bono legal services to Bicycles For Humanity Melbourne. We’re endlessly grateful for their help.

Bicycle Network

Bicycle Network is Australia’s biggest bike riding organisation, supported by more than 50,000 members nationwide. They share our passion for empowering people in being active and healthy through riding a bike.

WCBM World Freight

WCBM World Freight help Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne out with reduced shipping rates. Our relationship with them has changed the playing field allowing us to ship more bikes, more often.

L Arthur Transport

Arthur Transport have provided great support over the past few years collecting, weighing and delivering our filled containers to port in Melbourne for no fee, and for this year will collect our incoming new containers for delivery to our Dingley depot also for no fee.

Flimsy Films

Skilled in video marketing, the creative team at Flimsy Films have been a great support in helping us spread our message.

The Growth Project

Bicycles for Humanity, Melbourne is proud to be participating in The Growth Project – a one-year leadership development program that brings together leaders of emerging charities with business leaders so that they can share and learn from their previous experience, grow individually and have maximum positive social impact.

The growth project is the concept of collaboration and engaged giving where all involved share their time, knowledge and resources to help develop the future leaders of Australia’s non-profit sector.

Kennedys Accountants

Kennedys Accountants make a valuable contribution to our 100% volunteer run organisation by paying our ongoing Xero accounting platform fees. We’re also thankful to Dean Kennedy’s (Principal Accountant) additional contributions to Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne.


Fluccs provides free community web hosting to Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne’s website.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Fluccs provides a full suite of web services with a specific focus on managed cloud computing and the provision of infrastructure as a service (IaaS).