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With Heavy Hearts – Honouring Pat Montani founder of the Global Bicycles for Humanity Movement

It is with tremendous sadness we share news of the sudden passing of the founder of the Global Bicycles for Humanity Movement, Pat Montani, after a short battle with cancer.

Pat was an inspiration to so many individuals and communities, across many continents.

Pat started Bicycles for Humanity from his home town of Whistler, Canada, in order to mobilise health care workers. Along the way, the focus became about mobility in general and helping others gain a better life. 

Over the past 15 years, under Pat’s watch, 50 chapters of Bicycles for Humanity volunteers have collected bicycles and sent them to partners in Africa, Mexico, Central America and Asia.

This led to Pat’s more recent work supporting communities in Africa with healthcare, education and tourism, mainly through the aid of technology. 

Pat was a driving force behind the formation of Bicycles for Humanity, Melbourne and a constant guide over our now 13 year journey.

Pat believed passionately in a grassroots model where volunteer groups in the developed world partner with communities in the developing world. This is something for which we at Bicycles for Humanity, Melbourne continue to strive. 

Our challenge now will be to bring together the global Bicycles for Humanity chapters in order to ensure Pat’s legacy lives on.

Pat’s story is an inspiring one. You can read the article about Pat’s life in Pique News Magazine online to find out more about this wonderful humanitarian.

There was also a tribute article to Pat in The Namibian newspaper by Bicycle Empowerment Network (BEN) Namibia.

Our hearts and thoughts are with Pat’s wife Brenda, their family and friends at this difficult time. 

Rest in Peace.

One Comment on “With Heavy Hearts – Honouring Pat Montani founder of the Global Bicycles for Humanity Movement

  1. rest in peace Pat Montani. What an incredible philanthropist. By happenstance I had the great fortune to meet Michael Linke in Windhoek, Namibia while cycling across Africa from Cairo to Capetown in 2008. Michael showed me around the BEN -Bicycle Empowerment Network facility in Windhoek. It was there is saw actual shipping containers being turned into mobile bike shops to be sent to remote villages. Micheal spoke of Bicycles for Humanity. I was hooked and promised to send one container load from Victoria BC..Well one has turned to 11, thanks to the help and support of fellow Victorians. None of that would have been possible without Pat Montani and the grassroots B4H movement he started. 300,000+ bikes collected and shipped- Thanks Pat- you did good. Empowering some of the world’s poorest people. What a legacy..May his vision live on.