Melbourne, Australia

Volunteer Bicycle Packing Days Information


Briefly explain the purpose of packing days and their significance in the B4H Melbourne mission.

Highlight the collaborative effort of volunteers coming together to make a positive impact.



Display a calendar or list of upcoming packing days. — Ira: will need to find a calendar plugin for the website for this

Volunteer Bicycle Packing Days

Include the date, time, and location of each packing day.

Mention if there are any special events or themes for certain packing days.


What to Expect

Describe the activities that take place during packing days, such as sorting, assembling, and packing bicycles.

Outline the roles and tasks volunteers can participate in.

Emphasise the sense of community and shared purpose during these events.


How to Get Involved

Provide clear instructions on how individuals can sign up or register for packing days.

Include a link to an online registration form or contact information for enquiries:
Volunteer Event Attendance Online Registration

Mention any requirements or qualifications that volunteers need (e.g. WWCC).


Volunteer Packing Day Stories

  • Share testimonials or stories from past volunteers about their experiences during packing days.
  • Use photos or videos to visually capture the atmosphere and impact of these events.


Volunteer Bicycle Packing Day – Time-lapse Video

Have a look at a couple of short time-lapse videos from one of our recent Volunteer bicycle packing days in 2019:

Volunteer Bicycle Packing Days – Our First 2 Shipping Containers Videos

Have a look at a couple of short videos of our first two shipping containers being packed with donated bicycles (thanks to Oliva Appleby).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Anticipate common questions volunteers might have and provide clear answers.

Include information about what volunteers should bring, dress code, parking, etc.


What should I wear?

Old clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, closed toe footwear.


Do I need to bring anything?

Optional items to bring gloves, water bottle, hat, sunscreen, rain gear, hand sanitiser. We’ll provide training, tools, BBQ lunch and good company!


What will I be doing?

You’ll be prepping bicycles by putting the bicycle in gear, lowering the seat, removing the pedals, and attaching to the frame and removing the front wheel. Our experienced volunteer packers squeeze as many bicycles into each shipping container as is possible! Don’t worry if you are not handy with a spanner, other jobs include checking and sorting spare parts and accessories (e.g. pairing loose pedals, checking tyres and tubes to find those in good condition), site organisation and tidying up.


Volunteer Recognition — Ira: best to do this via Blog post or Social media post

Acknowledge and thank volunteers for their contributions.

Highlight any achievements or milestones reached during packing days.


Social Media Integration

Encourage volunteers to share their experiences on social media using specific hashtags. –Ira: include this info on Blog post and social media post about upcoming packing day

Display a live feed or a link to your social media profiles to showcase real-time updates. –Ira: will need to find a plugin to display this on the website


Register to attend a Volunteer Packing Day

Conclude the section with a call-to-action, inviting visitors to join the next packing day.

Provide a link or button for easy navigation to the registration page:
Volunteer Event Attendance Online Registration


Health and Safety Guidelines for B4H Melbourne Packing Days

Our commitment to safety is also crucial during Bicycles for Humanity (B4H) Melbourne packing days. Please find below a refined version of Health and Safety guidelines.


Your Safety Matters:

If you’re volunteering for roles that involve the manual handling of bicycles (collecting, preparing, or packing), your safety is our top priority.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:


Follow Instructions:

Adhere to provided instructions regarding tools and tasks.


Take Breaks and Stretch:

Take regular breaks and stretch as needed to prevent fatigue.


Maintain Tidiness:

Keep your work area tidy and remove any tripping hazards.


Lift Safely:

Lift safely by bending your knees and using proper lifting techniques.


Work in Pairs:

When lifting heavy or awkward items (e.g., bicycles in/out of a trailer) or working at height (e.g., packing bicycles in a shipping container), collaborate with a partner.


Use Stable Work Surfaces:

When working at height, use a stable work surface, especially when packing bicycles in a shipping container.


First Aid Awareness:

Familiarise yourself with the location of the first aid kit.


Injury Reporting:

Seek medical attention promptly if you are injured.

Notify a member of the B4H Melbourne team immediately.


Shared Responsibility:

Remember, your safety is a shared responsibility.

Thank you for your commitment to creating a safe and enjoyable volunteering experience.