Melbourne, Australia

Use ImpactPay to donate your spare change on everyday purchases to Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne

Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne has been submitted as a nominated charity for ImpactPay to be listed as a supported cause in order to receive donations by users.

ImpactPay is changing the way we give
By combining the power of micro-donations with a prepaid debit card and smartphone app, it’s now possible to change the world, every day.

ImpactPay is launching soon and we thought it was a good time to touch base and update you with some exciting things that have been happening here.

ImpactPay Charity nominations
Thanks to those of you who submitted your charity nominations. We’ve started announcing our amazing foundation partners on our social channels. Follow our FacebookInstagram or LinkedIn pages to see as new causes come on-board.

ImpactPay has a new website! 

Check it out:
We hope you like the site and it gives you all the info you need about ImpactPay.

Become an Impact Influencer
ImpactPay is creating a social movement and we need our people to be out there spreading the word.

Are you a passionate change-maker? Do you want to help ImpactPay change the world for the better? Could you be an Impact Influencer?

How it works: The more friends and family you refer to ImpactPay, the higher up our leaderboard you go. Our top five will have an opportunity to become our influencers!

To get involved as an influencer, look for the prompt on our website homepage: