Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne to Namibia Challenge 2019

Join the 11,000 km cycling challenge with Bicycles for Humanity

Ride at least 110 kilometers in March – anytime, anywhere – for a chance to win a brand-new bicycle or an Intrepid Cycling Trip to Vietnam. The best part? You’ll help get recycled bicycles to communities in Namibia.

Why do it?

Melbourne-based Bicycles for Humanity (B4H) collects fixable and forgotten bicycles, packs them into shipping containers, and brings them to communities in Namibia. There, the containers are converted into bicycle workshops, providing training, employment and economic development for the local community. Bicycles do more than just shorten commutes: they empower local mechanics, make medical care accessible, bring people together, and so much more.

To bring even more life-changing bicycles to communities in Namibia, B4H is hosting the month-long Melbourne to Namibia Challenge. Together, we’re going to ride 11,000 km – the distance of the shipping containers’ journey – in March.

Join our team to help us reach a wheely big goal. No lycra required.  

How to join the journey

It’s simple.

  1. Set a target. While we don’t expect you to ride 11,000 km, why not try? Pick a distance of 110km or more, depending on how confident you are on wheels.
  2. Make a fundraising page on the Melbourne to Namibia Challenge 2019 – Intrepid Foundation website by selecting Start a fundraiser on the right side of the page. With your sign-up, you’ll need to donate $25 or more to Bicycles for Humanity to get started. It’s a good incentive to reach your goal, isn’t it?
  3. Spread the word. Use your page to show your friends about your fitness goals, or get them to join you. Intrepid Travel will match every donation made to your fundraiser, so you can double your impact.
  4. Get pedalling. You can join our B4H Melbourne Strava Club Event or track the distance on your own. Either way, cycle towards your goal until 31st of March 2019 to win one of two awesome prizes.

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