Melbourne, Australia

Leading the Cycling Revolution in Northern Namibia – Lucky’s Story

If you are wanting some inspiration to kick off your new year, have a listen to Michael Linke, founder of Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN) Namibia, and Lucky Mbako, owner of Oshana Bicycles, discuss all things Bicycles in a conversation that spans from Australia all the way to Namibia, where Lucky is situated.

Lucky details the very start of his cycling journey, which began by being a part of the Physically Active Youth organisation all the way through to starting the Oshana Bicycle Shop. Lucky explains that during the first four years of operating Oshana Bicycle Shop, the team focused on fixing bicycles and selling bicycles took place based on customer requests. The Bicycle shop started from very humble beginnings, but Lucky is delighted to inform listeners that thanks to all the volunteers and donations the Oshana Bicycle Shop has been able to grow to what it is today.

To hear more about Lucky’s story, and all the fascinating details from the beginning of his cycling journey to becoming a leading cycling advocate and entrepreneur in Northern Namibia, watch the video below: