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Container 27 Has Landed In Namibia

Container 27 has touched down in Namibia, Africa and is being unpacked by the team at BEN Namibia as we speak.

After facing some bumps along the road, from global shipping container supply issues to significant cost increases and all the COVID-19 disruptions we are relieved to know that container 27 has landed safely. 

This container was packed to the brim with 454 bicycles, a large number of which were collected, repaired, cleaned and donated by the wonderful Queenscliff Men’s Shed Bicycle Group. Bill Hall, member of Queenscliff Men’s Shed, was generous enough to explain the process in a bit more depth. Bill describes the Queenscliff Men’s Shed as a “place of great camaraderie” and provides a safe space for men and somewhere they can go when they need someone to lean on. The generous spirit fostered at the Queenscliff Men’s Shed manifests in their phenomenal contributions to Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne. 

The volunteers at the Queenscliff Men’s Shed collect bicycles from all around the district, before spraying them with detergent and giving them a power wash before starting mechanical work on them. The mechanical stage involves taking the front wheel off, turning the handlebars around and taking the pedals off and attaching them with a zip tie to the bicycle, allowing more bicycles to fit inside the container. The aim is to get four to five bicycles completed each day. 

As well as this incredible effort, the Queenscliff Men’s Shed also sold a number of bicycles, which allowed them to donate $2,000 towards container 27.

In addition to the 454 bicycles, container 27 also contained 34 solar panels, donated by Andrew Wilson and Essential Solar. These panels will allow some of the bicycle shops, supported by our partner organisation BEN Namibia, to become solar powered.

Don’t forget, if you volunteered at one of our recent bicycle packing days or donated bicycles then you also played a part in container 27’s transportation and arrival.

We can’t wait to hear about all the adventures the bicycles get taken on as they begin their new lives across the Namibia and Africa.

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