Melbourne, Australia

A Story of Opportunity: A Conversation with Andy Gild, Andrew Wilson and Kerryn Powell

In an exciting collaboration, Andy Gild (CEO of Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne), Andrew Wilson (Business Development Manager of Essential Solar) and Kerryn Powell (Founder of Your Time Matters) engage in an inspiring conversation about the importance of connections and contributions on Powell’s podcast: ‘Conversations and Connections to Amplify and Inspire’.

As Bicycles for Humanity approaches its 12th year in existence, Gild reminisces on the evolution of the grass roots charity born from one coffee between herself and co-founder Matt McCullough.

A crucial part of the great evolution of Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne has been the provision of solar panels from Essential Solar. In the podcast Wilson maps out how the provision of solar panels has allowed electronic bicycles to be utilised in Namibia, and in turn enabled Bicycles for Humanity to expands its outreach.

The key takeaway from Powell, Gild and Wilson is that conversations and connections can lead to huge opportunities!

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