Melbourne, Australia

2020 Pedal for Purpose Virtual Challenge Temporarily Postponed

Many of you will no doubt be aware of the Stage 4 restrictions that have come into force in Melbourne and Stage 3 restrictions across the rest of Victoria.

As a result, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily postpone our 2020 Pedal for Purpose Virtual Challenge event until the current restrictions in Melbourne are lifted (expected mid September).

Whilst we are sad to have to make this decision, we remain enthusiastic about what’s ahead thanks to the rapidly growing community who have already joined us virtually in our Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne Strava Cycling Club.

We would love for you all to stay connected, stay supportive, stay sane, and share your daily wins. For those of you who are still free to venture out, we encourage you to share your photographs, stories and achievements to spread good cheer.

We will continue to provide weekly updates as to how we are doing in Melbourne. To those in Melbourne, we encourage you to get creative with your new one hour exercise restrictions and 5km radius travel limits.

To everyone, we encourage you to take this time to ensure you get outside and some fresh air on a daily basis, and stay social connected with our community virtually.

In closing, our Strava volunteer Matthew leaves you with a little #whatworksforme story. We welcome you all to do the same across our social media channels throughout the coming month and beyond:

“Sunrise works for me – changing light, silence and peace, colours in the sky, blinding fog or deep frost all provide the opportunity to reflect and greet the new day. Whether that be on a paper round as a young boy, an early surf swim or walk, and most recently on the Puka Up bike rides, the dawn is my special time. Get out and enjoy it!”

Thank you to everyone who is already participating virtually, and a special thank you to those who have made a donation. If you would like to donate to our 2020 Pedal for Purpose Virtual Challenge you can use the link or click on the image below.

Donate to the 2020 Pedal for Purpose Virtual Challenge

Stay safe, stay active, stay connected!

You can stay connected and get updates on the virtual Challenge event by joining our Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne Strava Cycling Club.

If you are joining us from Melbourne, here’s a few steps to getting through the next 6 weeks. Set up a daily routine that works for you:

  • Eat healthy
  • Stay active
  • Take time for yourself
  • Get fresh air
  • Wash your hands
  • Use a face mask
  • Be kind to yourself and others.  

Take one day at a time. You’ve got this. We’re in this together.