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Partnership with the Bicycle Empowerment Network (BEN) Namibia – Mid Year Update

Namibia ready to get going

We are excited to share news of 50 entrepreneurs having received bicycles (through our BEST program) to enable them to support regional communities. They will be selling hand sanitiser and locally supplied face masks as well sharing vital health information during this Covid19 period.

Shipping Container 25

In partnership with our friends at Good Cycles and in memory of our wonderful co-founder, Matt McCullough, Container 25, also supported by the Maud St Collective, will soon be converted into a new solar powered e-hub! We look forward to seeing the e-bikes, which we supplied through your generous support of our raffle, in action very soon.

Tracking Devices

These have now landed in Namibia and are soon to start their journey’s gathering data on bicycle impact and use. Huge thanks to Slipstream Coaching for sponsoring the trackers.

Tagged bicycles

As well as bicycles being donated to school kids, 5 bicycles are planned to be delivered to Samuel Kapipo to support his Soup Kitchen volunteers. We look forward to sharing stories soon from the bicycles’ new owners.