Melbourne, Australia

Our 2020 Vision: Empowering Hope, Communities and Overcoming Challenges

Get knocked down. Get up again

The 2020 new year has brought with it some very challenging situations. Our beautiful Australian landscape has been scarred by bushfires which continue to burn on across our Eastern shores.

Lives, homes, businesses and wildlife have been lost. Although out of the ashes, the camaraderie and generosity of not only Australians all around the country, but also on a much greater international scale is something to be truly proud of.

When people come together as one, raising eachother up, incredible things can be achieved and hope can, and is restored. So while the impacts of the fires have had devastating effects, our local and international community has again shown we are greater than our most challenging trials.

We at Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne value that charitable spirit and if you are looking to give back to local and international communities as a Volunteer we would love to hear from you.

This February lets focus on mateship and the power of the people. Join us at our first bicycle packing day for 2020 and help us ship another load of bicycles to our friends in Africa. See the details on our next bicycles packing day.

Our Challenge for the next Decade

We’ve set ourselves our own Bicycles for a Humanity Melbourne challenge this year to reach 30,000 bicycle donations by 2030.

With over 10,000 bicycles collected and donated in our first 10 years, we’re already on a roll. Please come join us, volunteer and together we can build on the momentum to reach our ambitious goal.